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Frequently Asked Questions

We are providing regular after school classes for Mathematics for International Curriculum (IGCSE, IB MYP/DIPLOMA, AS & A Level). These classes will cover the board curriculum syllabus.

Teacher will introduce and explain the concept to the students. Teacher will provide worksheets of different difficulty level in order to enhance their understanding.

Our seats are limited with maximum of seven students in Grade 7 & 8, ten students in Grade 9 & 10, twelve students in Grade 11 & 12. We believe this helps us to give a balanced individual attention on a group class.

Yes, Teacher will work with the students individually while solving the worksheets.

Yes, Teacher provide short practice test (once every 3 sessions) and unit test (once in every 4 to 5 weeks).

Yes, we will share their attendance, test scores and general feedback to the parents in regular intervals (once in 2-3 months).

Yes, students will get take home assignments for every topic. Teachers will provide sufficient time and help to complete the work.

All our worksheets are custom made by our teachers with reference to different text books and board exam papers.

Students performance is relative to their effort and potential. We evaluate the students’ performance based on their attitude, commitment and effort in any task given to them. This approach helped our students to give their best and perform better than their potential.

Classes for grades 7 to 12 for coming academic year will start from end of July, 2020. Academy will be closed from mid of June till mid of July.

Teachers are well qualified with good academic grades and post graduate degrees on the respective subjects. They were selected based on their interest in learning and teaching. They are well trained by Mr. Vairavan based on his teaching methodologies.

Yes. The first few regular scheduled classes can be considered as demo class and if you like it, you can confirm your enrollment for the calendar year by continuing it. We will leave the choice to you and you will not be billed for the demo classes.

Our Academy will be opened on Sunday to Thursday. Normal class hours will be from 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM from Monday to Thursday and on Sunday 09:30 AM to 07:00 PM.

Any classes cancelled by the academy other than national, govt. declared holidays will be rescheduled. If students were absent for one class, we will not provide extra class. However, teacher will help the student to catch up the missed work.

Please check for the fees based on your grades and enrolled subjects. Fees has to be paid in two installments first payment will be due by 30 days from the joining date and second installment will be after 5 months. We do not accept cash. You can pay online or by cheque using our account details that will be provided to you on confirming the enrollment.